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289) Matthias  Male
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Saturday, 24 November 2018 02:14 AM Host: Send E-mail

After being "infected" by a CBM 3016 around 1980, my first owned machine was a Colour Genie in 1982. Very good memories, even got it off the attic recently, hooked up to a 50" flatscreen... still the same blurry screen lol But: my youngest >really< enjoyed playing Frogger and others, and I played Invasion for the first time in decades. Hard to get the software onto the machine, so started a software cassette player: did not want to have all these WAV files but play directly from CAS selection lists. Maybe make it a bit more polished and flexible, then make available for download. Anyone knows regarding copyright still active on these tapes? Doubt it, but you never know.

Tezza, thanks for this nice site, I think I have to get some software running and also find out which manuals or books I still have, not to forget the old Z80 books. Some might be in my parents attic still, unfortunately far away at the other end of Germany), but I should get this packed in one place here.

Keep up the nice site!

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