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95) Phillip  Male
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Thursday, 8 January 2015 12:08 AM Host: Send E-mail

I believe I was the first person to actually buy a System 80 from Dick Smith, I actually made the purchase in May 1979 (well before the dates published on your website), however you are correct there were delays in production, and I did not receive the machine until something like Jan 1980.

However as no-one else had purchased one before, the manager of the the York St Sydney store of DSE gave me a job as he assumed I must have known a lot about the computer to buy one (which I didnt at the time), ended up getting given all the variations of the models and upgrades subsequent.

Interesting thing with the upgrades was they were modules where you had to basically cut the PCB tracks and install new components and boards which piggybacked the original board. I went through all the mods including the B/W to colour, by installing myself.

After 2-3 years Dick got in the Ferranti computer which was the IBM clone and the system 80 was phased out.

Cant say I miss the System 80, but it was cool to be the first kid in my school to have their own computer for a year or two, as first stock deliveries were very limited.

From memory only 20 computers per month arrived due to the quality control issues which did slow production for first 6 months.

Terry Tuesday, 3 February 2015 09:21 PM
Great recollections Phillip. Thanks for sharing them! Yes, you are not the only ex-DSE staff member that has mentioned quality control issues, especially with the early machines. Thanks for posting!

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