Micro Peripherals Model 51 and 52 Flexible Disk Drive Manual

This is a very short blog post just to announce I've scanned and uploaded a hardware manual to the web. It's for the 5.25" disk drive model 51/52 by Micro Peripherals. The document was given to me by Philip Avery as a contribution to the vintage computer community.

The manual was a photocopy of the original, and not a high quality photocopy at that. However, it should prove useful to those that might want to repair or check these units. I've scanned most of the pages at 150dpi except for the circuit diagrams and one or two other images, which I've scanned at 300dpi. The latter should be of printable quality.

Click here to download the manual (zipped - 8,5 MB).



12th December, 2009

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