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Since mid-2008 I've been documenting my adventures with these old computers. These jottings help me remember what I've done but hopefully they are also interesting or even useful to others.

The list below shows the entries to date grouped under rough categories. Latest additions will be posted on my Twitter account at @classiccomputNZ so follow me there if you want to be notified. The planned projects page gives a hint of what I might tackle in the future...


Tips, how-tos and advice


Repairs, acquisitions, adventures or reference

General or mixed items Amstrad Apple II Apple Mac Apple Lisa Atari BBC (b) Commodore 64 Commodore Amiga Commodore PCs Commodore Pet Commodore Vic 20 COSMAC Dick Smith System 80/EACA Video Genie EACA Colour Genie Epson Exidy Sorcerer IBM and MS-DOS clones Kaypro NEC 8201a Ohio Scientific Inc. Osborne 1 Panasonic JD-850M Polycorp Poly 1 Sinclair QL Sinclair ZX81 Spectravideo Telecom Computerphone Texas Instruments TRS-80