Downloadable games and other software for the Commodore PET

Commodre PetCommodore PETs are cool classic computers. With the help of others I managed to restore the computer you see opposite. After it was fixed, the next challenge was to stock it full of software. I eventually found some on a C64 disk image on the Internet and proceeded to go through the torturous process of getting a real data tape made so I could use them on the PET.

Recently someone contacted me about getting a copy of my tape software. I obliged but at the same time I felt this was an ideal time to digitize the programs on the tape and store them as WAV files for my archive. Then I figured if I have them stored electronically, why not share them with the world?

Wav files are quite big but I found a program called Audiotap could converted them to much smaller TAP files. These TAP files can be used in the VICE emulator when configured as a Commodore PET 3032 . Using VICE you can see what the programs are like. If you want any for your own PET, it should be (given the right equipment) a simple matter to reconvert them to WAV using Audiotap, then record them to a tape through the soundcard.

Click on the links to download TAP version of these classic games or the monitor program included with them. I don't have the instructions for these games so you are on your own in that respect. Some are quite large and probably need the full 32k RAM.

The files can be obtained from either of two sources. Source 1 is my own rented fileserver and source 2 is space donated by dabone, of the Vintage Computer Forums. My fileserver has a monthly data limit so it is handy to have a mirror.

I'm happy to have these files spread them around on other servers. The more mirrors the better. However if you do, I'd appreciate a link back to this page, as the source of the original TAPS.

These are all BASIC programs, so just LOAD and <Enter>. Enjoy!

Original: 4th March, 2011
Updated: 17th May, 2011

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