Items of interest week starting Jan 4th, 2010

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Items of interest week starting Jan 4th, 2010

Postby tezza on Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:25 pm

These caught my eye this week on Trademe (week starting 4th Jan, 2010).
If I had the room, the money and didn't already have a few models I'd be looking at these myself...

ZX81 and monitor. ... 704771.htm
This little computer is not good for much but it does have some historical value as it was the cheapest thing you could buy and still call a computer for manuy years. $40..reasonable when offered with a green screen monitor. (Edit: Sold for $41)

Great little one-owner disk-based Amstrad. ... 538985.htm
It's good to see one complete like this and apparently good condition. Bear in mind disks can be hard to find (they are 3 inch not 3.5 inch) but this appears to come with disks. If I was considering buying this I'd check just to make sure. (Edit. Sold for $91)

Original Spectrum plus accessories and software ... 554116.htm
Another classic micro with everything that's needed (Edit: Sold for $76)

No computer collection is complete without a dot matrix printer or two.. ... 501024.htm (Edit: Sold for $10) ... 657221.htm

Panasonic Kx-W1500 Personal Computer - Relisted ... 595284.htm

I'm hoping this one doesn't get tossed. It looks in great condition and it's working. Not really a notable model and not that vintage it neverthess is a good example of a specialist machine. Someone please take it!

Amstrad PPC512 ... 555051.htm (Edit Sold for $35)
An eccentric looking machine if I ever saw one! That alone makes it interesting. The drives may be 720k, not the more common 1.44Mb

Amiga 2000 HD ... 410187.htm
Nice machine. I'd be bidding myself if it was cheaper! (Edit: Sold for $100)
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