IBM model m2 repair

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IBM model m2 repair

Postby LilJoe on Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:51 pm

So I brought a model m2 keyboard off trade me, after reading up on them I found that their capacitors were prone to failure so I didn't expect much. Sure enough when it arrived I plugged it in and it had the classic illuminated Caps and Scroll lock, however none of the keys worked. I found two great guides: and with the combination of the two I had a disassembled keyboard and two replacement caps (one pulled from an old circuit board and one from Jay Car) I clean the exterior and soldered in the new capacitors, after reassembling I was shocked that only 70% of the keys worked, I packed it up and left it for another day. That day finally came after about two months of procrastination, I disassembled (again), cleaned the membrane and very carefully reassembled, believe it or not that did the trick, I now had a working keyboard with the following exceptions: The / and * keys on the numpad got stuck really easily, the up arrow key didn't click and I had to push hard to make it detect a keystroke and the left control key always stayed down (I didn't notice until I pushed W). I pulled it out the next day and used the following guide to remove and reseat the buckling springs it fixed all the remaining problems except the control key, after several attempts at it I just removed the spring and replaced the key cap, problem solved (for now). And now I have a clean 99% working IBM model m2 keyboard, I might and some photos at some time.

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Re: IBM model m2 repair

Postby tezza on Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:46 am

Interesting. I didn't realise those keyboards were prone to those kind of failures.
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