System 80 blues (Cont...) - Cassette Fixed!

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Re: System 80 blues (Cont...) - Cassette Fixed!

Postby matsondawson on Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:27 am

Where did you get the UV lamp from? I bought one from Jaycar, and then I found out they come in different kinds and I needed the medical sterilisation kind, not the party glowing blue teeth kind.
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Re: System 80 blues (Cont...) - Cassette Fixed!

Postby tezza on Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:53 am


I'm not a UV expert but there seems to be many types of bulb.

I have a florescent UV lamp (like a coil) the type of which can be used for effects etc. I got it off TradeMe. I've found this has SOME effect for deyellowing but the level of required UV seems nowhere near high enough for good results. My mainstay source is the good old New Zealand sun, which has far more UV than most bulbs you can buy.

Some guys have used a couple of long florecent UV tubes with good results. I'm not sure where you get these from.

I urge caution with medical ones. UV wavelengths can differ and medical UV lamps for sterilising throw out a narrow band of UV waves that are best for killing things. I think it's about where the wave is in the UV spectrum which determines what it's best for,
rather than the power as such.
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