RS-232 file transfer on a TRS-80 Model 4

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RS-232 file transfer on a TRS-80 Model 4

Postby tezza on Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:57 am

Just flagging another one of my file transfer experiments for those who might be interested. Not a repair, but it just squeezes in under "restoration" in the broad sense of the word.

Some reading this might not know (regulars here do know) that In the days before the world settled into the standardised disk formats of PC (i.e. MSDOS)/Mac, file transfer between incompatible machines was a big thing. In fact it's a big thing today when you need to create an Internet-sourced software library for those old dinosaurs. It's also going to get tougher to do this transfer with the loss of older port standards like RS232 and parallel over USB (not to mention the disappearence of the floppy disk).

Thankfully there seem to be a variety of USB/Card type bits of hardware coming out of the retrocomputer community to support this kind of thing.
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