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Sundry computers & bits C64, amiga

Please post details of what you have to sell, swap or to give away

Sundry computers & bits C64, amiga

by mailjonah » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:45 pm

HI, I volunteer for an op shop which was bequethed a big pile of old computer stuff. Nothing really complete, but lots of bibs and bobs.....amongst the more interesting items is something described to me as a 'trainer' for programming machine code. Otherwise there are C64 things, Amiga, some old game consoles Atari, Fountain and Hanimex - in varying states of ruin and 'seminess', some software, tape drives, and a bunch of old monitors and keyboards. We are selling it all cheap, if you are close enough to Whanganui to want to come check it out, send me an email! mailjonah@yahoo.co.nz Tis all going out in the next few days.....
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Re: Sundry computers & bits C64, amiga

by matsondawson » Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:00 pm

Some photos would be awesome, save you on listing everything, then we can use our keen eyes to pick things out... The trainer may be worth a bit of money if its the right vintage.
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Re: Sundry computers & bits C64, amiga

by YetiSeti » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:07 pm

mailjonah wrote:HI, I volunteer for an op shop which was bequethed a big pile of old computer stuff.

Great stuff for not dumping it all. I only wish the stores in Dunedin were as sympathetic to NZ's computing history and enthusiasts.

As matsondawson said, on a post in these forums you can insert images for people to view. You do this by clicking on the Img button which will insert the blocks into the post :
[img ] [/img]

In the gap between these, which is where the hard part comes, (as you need to have uploaded your photos to somewhere on the internet like picasa, google docs, flickr, etc if you use any of these free online picture storage services), you can paste the web link between the img tags.

Or perhaps it might be easier if people just email you and you can forward the photos to enquiring persons.

I'm not presuming any level of knowledge on your part, so this tip may or may not help. If you have already sent one person the photos, just forward that same email on to any other person. If you were to create a new email each time it would be incredibly slow having to upload the photos into the email each time.
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Re: Sundry computers & bits C64, amiga

by tezza » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:54 pm

This may be the same lot I got those computers from on the weekend.
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