Why/When do we stop?

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Why/When do we stop?

Postby Gibsaw on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:54 pm

acsi's SX64 for sale made me think of a topic.

I'm sure there's one or two threads on here with people describing why they do this and why they're here... but what might make an interesting thread in itself, is why people "clear out".

For me, despite a large accumulation of P1-PIII x86 stuff, and a desperate compulsion to begin some more x86 in the 086, 286, 386, 486 range, I've pretty much stuck to my guns on being an Apple II only hoarder, so I don't really have anything to sell at the mo... But other people seem to periodically offload...

What makes you stop and say "that's enough"... and then sell off your collection?

Or if not the whole collection. What makes you look at a machine and say "nah, I'll sell that"?
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Re: Why/When do we stop?

Postby acsi on Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:50 pm

For me at least I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for "she who must be obeyed" wanting me to lessen the quantity of my collection.

As for what to offload there are a few rules of thumb I use.

1 - Have I got more than one?

2 - Which one do I use more?

3 - Am I particularly fond of the model?

For example with the SX64 it's been sitting for ages, whereas I have a breadbin model and a Turbo Chameleon which I use more often. Although I really like the SX64 I've never been quite satisfied with it.

As for the Atari Stacy4 although I haven't used it much recently it is a fantastic machine (huge cumbersome and really heavy but heaps of fun). So I would never get rid of it.
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Re: Why/When do we stop?

Postby tezza on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:13 am

I'm not so active in collecting now because I've got most of what I want. The aim was to collect a series of computers I considered notable, or classic in some way. I've got a few more than were on the list simply because I got given some. I'm not quite finished though...there are a few more I would like but these tend to be so rare or expensive here in NZ so it's unlikely I'll ever have them (e.g. Altair). Alternatively they are more common but are on the "nice to have" list rather than "must have" list so I'll never pay much for them (e.g. Amiga 2000/3000) hence I'm always likely to be outbid.

I'm still looking for the odd peripheral/manual or two for the machines I do have.

As for offloading machines, there is nothing I'd want to get rid of at the moment. Mind you it's a smallish collection, banished from the main house so it's manageable and doesn't impact on the family.

If I had tons of room, I would consider collecting odd-ball and zany machines just to show the breadth of designs at the time. YetiSeti's collection does this. These tend to be of more interest to other collectors than the common machines. Mind you, I like to have all my machines working. Problem with less supported models is they can be hard to fix and find replacement parts for.
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Re: Why/When do we stop?

Postby SpidersWeb on Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:37 am

I'll only really part with things if I have multiple/do not use and they have a good value, but long term it'll come when I've run out of manageable space.

Right now they posses a double bedroom and part of the garage. I plan to setup and move it all in to the garage (plus add some insulation etc) at a later date, because when/if we have children, I can't put them in the garage. Caitlin doesn't mind, provided a) must give hugs before disappearing and b) I dont leave gear where she sits or eats.

For me the most likely machine to leave (do not use very much + has high value) is the Amiga 2000HD - however I think it's worth more to me than to others - anything less than 200 and I'd personally rather have the experience of being able to fire it up - so for the meantime it has it's own desk in our office (next to the his and hers modern PCs).

As for stopping, I'm about to go pick up a 286 portable, my Wang arrived yesterday, and I'm hoping for another machine early next week. What I have stopped though, is going to any extreme necessary to get IBM XTs.
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Re: Why/When do we stop?

Postby gavo on Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:35 pm

For me its about the realisation that I'm not actually playing with or using the kit I have. I used to buy stuff because I had a interest in using it and although I am primarily a (retro) apple fan I did collect (in the sense that I purchased for the purpose of using) other brands of equipment. Over the years I would have a periodic clean out as I realised stuff had just sat in storage and not been used. First it was the non-apple stuff, then apple stuff that I didn't have a real connection with (i.e. equipment that I would have liked to have owned in the hay-day but didn't) until finally I'm left with really just the core stuff that got me interested in this whole computing thing in the first place - even that I don't really use however and so I occasionally (when I open my cupboard) think about getting rid of even that stuff.

I guess looking at the stuff and realising its just been sitting idle for the last 5 years makes me sad (does that sound stupid?), therefore, if I get rid of it I don't have to feel so bad about not getting around to doing anything with it.

Interestingly, although I love the original hardware, the last couple of times I have gone to use any kit, its involved a repair job or two first - so I have started to appreciate emulators more

So short answer? Time to actually do anything with it and the fear of becoming a hoarder :)
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Re: Why/When do we stop?

Postby caluser2000 on Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:34 pm

I've just primarily settled on two types XT thru P1s thru SS7 machines and Acorns Risc machines. I do need to whittle things down on the x86 front a bit though at some stage. I reality is I haven't paid the earth for them and I like having spares.

Had to most fun in ages fabricating some pits for a crappy IBM PS/1 486SX25 from a scrapped Packard Bell. Angle grinders, files and hammers are were it's at ;)
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Re: Why/When do we stop?

Postby SpidersWeb on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:38 pm

ehehe my "IBM" AT 5170 was angle grinded
I'd forgotten how much fun that was.
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