Whats the least valuable piece of vintage you have (pre1995)

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Whats the least valuable piece of vintage you have (pre1995)

Postby WelshWizard on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:11 pm

as we have one for the most valuable, thought it may be interesting to see what we value the least.

The other day I came across a box of old CPU's I think it may have a 286, 386 and some 486's in it along with a 486 turbo. there because they failed to sell about 8 years ago ( even when they were priced at $1 each. other thing is a hand held brick game that runs on AA batteries.
Correction I just came across a box of 30 pin ram which seem to be 256K ones must be about 80 of them.
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Re: Whats the least valuable piece of vintage you have (pre1995)

Postby tezza on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:56 pm

Pre1995? Well the $1 pentium mention in the other tread almost scrapes in.

Out of my collection...maybe the Amiga 500. It's in good condition but I'm not sure it would fetch more than $20 if that. They just seem so incredibly common. Apparently in the US these are quite rare.
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Re: Whats the least valuable piece of vintage you have (pre1995)

Postby Carcenomy on Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:44 pm

Pre 1995 least valuable... hmm. Probably a number of my Macs, or maybe my beloved 1995-era Compaq Presario 7222 which serves a super valuable function: it's the machine that I use for serial transfers to the Amiga if required, and for parallel transfers to other machines. It's the sole surviving Windows 95 machine in my collection, and includes many period-accurate upgrades. I've got a slew of stuff of debatable value from what's considered the 'retro-LAN' period... pre-2000. Notably a rather nice K6-2/500AMR setup with a TNT2 Ultra and 3D glasses, but that's a topic for the non-vintage area :)
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