NZ Vintage Computing Forums migrating to a Facebook Group

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NZ Vintage Computing Forums migrating to a Facebook Group

Postby tezza on Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:12 pm

Hi everyone,

This forum has been active for about 8 years, and has seen many discussions about numerous things and topics. It’s been a great focus for the New Zealand vintage computing, and certainly I’ve had a lot of fun hosting it. Web technologies change quickly though, and the privately hosted “web 1.0” technology of PHP forums now lacks many of the features and security advantages of the larger social media platforms. With that in mind, I’m opening a public group called “New Zealand Vintage Computing” on Facebook, which I hope you’ll all migrate over too. These PHP forums will be closing. They will remain on the web, but I won’t be accepting any new members from this point on and from 31st December this platform will be read-only, to remain indefinitely as a reference archive.

Why Facebook? Like it or loath it, is one of the most widely used platforms in the world. Sharing media is dead easy both on mobile and desktops, as are getting reminders when a post is made. A huge majority of people do have Facebook. It’s likely to make the group more active as the platform excels at social interaction. A number of other vintage computer groups now use Facebook as their platform for discussion and sharing their activities. I’m a member of several groups and they work very well.

You can find the group at

See you there.
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