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AceUser from JA Archive

Postby aceuser on Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:27 pm

Hi folks,

Its Aceuser from the Jupiter Ace archive in the UK.

I just wanted to contact with ANY Jupiter ACE fans or FORTH users to ask them, if folks could check their software collections for Jupiter ACE titles which are missing.

Some ACE titles were recorded on the back of ZX81 tapes, the Jupiter ACE loading sounds, are very similar to the ZX81/spectrum.

We have a few items missing and we would like to fill in some of the gaps in the collection, which is has been online since 2005, we need all the help we can get tracking down these missing titles.

Some of the missing software might be a printed out listing that you may have bought from the magazine in the 1980's, we would like to archive and save it for all.

If you can help with ANY thing, even it if its already in the archive please send it in, scans, WAV files any thing email contact - "" (please replace AT with @).

We can restore them/ fix and will archive it for everyone to use.

Many thanks in advance to you all.

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Re: AceUser from JA Archive

Postby tezza on Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:15 am

Welcome to the forums Steve.

The Jupiter Ace is an intriguing machine. You have one or two I'm picking?

I hope you get what you seek. I can't remember any Jupiter Ace machines being sold down here in the day but that doesn't mean to say they weren't. Someone may have something.
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