New AKL Vintage Enthusiast

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New AKL Vintage Enthusiast

Postby Beaglz on Tue May 26, 2015 5:38 pm

Gidday Folks,

Thought it was about time to introduce myself after coming across this site a few weeks back, has been a bit of a curse really now that I have been dusting off the old computing gear!

Started off with a Binatone game console back in 1980 purchased when on holiday (well Dad bought it) in the UK. Over time progressed to ZX81 and then the mighty ZX Spectrum and also lucky enough to have a System 80. Always remember play the game 'Asylum' on that with the rest of the family and never being able to escape - fortunately I have now rectified that issue!

Currently dusted off my ZX Spectrum+ units and just received a new keyboard membrane from the UK which should hopefully sort out the few faulty keys. Also got a Disciple disc interface and managed to pick up a 5.25" floppy drive the other week which still works. Hopefully get it all up and running this long weekend coming. Alas we got rid of the System 80 a few years back. Funnily enough the Binatone system works like a charm!

Have also built a couple of arcade gaming machines working off MAME and currently building a desktop version.

Other than that tempted to pick up an Amiga 500 off trade me - was always a bit envious of those back in the day. Anyone out there had experience in using a freight/courier company to send vintage computers around the country (not too expensive)? A few auctions on at the moment which are looking good but shipping from Dunedin to Auckland is going to get expensive when the monitor alone is 11kg!

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Re: New AKL Vintage Enthusiast

Postby kevman3d on Thu May 28, 2015 9:07 am

Hi beaglz...

Its always nice to see another Auckland-based enthusiast with a Speccy! Welcome. :)

There are usually quite a few Amiga's floating about in Auckland as well, with someone in the North shore (rob1) often selling a lot of Amiga gear every so often.
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Re: New AKL Vintage Enthusiast

Postby tezza on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:53 pm

Welcome to the forums Beaglz

I have the original Spectrum but as yet, have never experienced the later iterations. Some day maybe. :)
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