It started with a VIC 20!

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It started with a VIC 20!

Postby iquestmike on Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:54 pm


My initial reason for signing up to this forum was to look for a good home for a couple of classic computers unearthed while helping a friend sort through stored stuff.

I've always been keen on electronics and I guess my career path was defined the day I built a crystal set at age 8 while living in my home town of Nelson. My first real computer was a brand new VIC 20 purchased for the incredible sum of $900 in 1981. Ten weeks wages as a young apprentice back then! What a great learnng tool. It was heavily modified and had all sorts of "growths" attached when I finally laid it to rest. On the vintage computer front, the company I worked for had a Commodore PET for accounts, later upgraded to a CP/M based Osborne luggable! :lol:

Since then I've personally had a Hong Kong clone Apple 2E (1984) before finally succumbing to the PC world with a 4.77MHz clone in 1989.

I live in Hamilton and am technical director of a company developing environmental monitoring hardware and software.

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Re: It started with a VIC 20!

Postby tezza on Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:57 pm

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for posting. I remember the Vic-20! Colour and sound for under $1000. It was amazing for the

Can you remember the kind of drives used on the PETs you mention, and whether the software was NZ written?

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