greetings from Greece

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greetings from Greece

Postby laios on Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:50 pm

Hi to all
I'm from Greece , a big fan of old micros mostly the 8 bit , zx81 was my introduce to micros back in the '80s and a spectrum user in my younghood
nowdays I have used emulators to revive the memories. I have emulators in every machine can support them in my computer , my phone , my tablet.
but there is a desire that an emulator can't satisfy, you know , the rubber button feeling under your finger :lol:
and as always had the collector virus , low badget collector but collector anyway, so start to to tide up whatever was scattered around attic and survived plus purchased some machines that always wanted to work with. My collection for now has the follow : the original zx spectrum of my younghood plus a coule more I found, a couple zx81 non tested yet, a Jupiter Ace also from my younghood (that I get swapping my first zx81), a commodore 64c (although a sinclair user I always admired the capabilities of c=),an oric atmos (recently purchased), an atari st, an atari pc1 (that was my introduction to IBM machines,and perhaps the machine I mostly worked on), and several motherboards from 386 era to early pentium that I want to compine to complete machines.I'm also interested in some of your local micros especialy the dick smith vz300,I remember that as laser200 here back in the '80s (that was the 200 rubber key version), a low succes at that time, but I liked it , a little clean basic machine.I'll put some "wanted" in your marketplace ,if somone wants to sell one.that's for now and sorry about my "grammar jewels" :D
cheers to all
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Re: greetings from Greece

Postby tezza on Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:47 am

Welcome to the forums laios,

The Jupiter Ace is on my wanted list! I know what you mean about emulators. It's just not the same! :)

Good luck in your quest for a VZ300!
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