Howdy from Australia :)

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Howdy from Australia :)

Postby mazwreck on Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:42 pm

Hey everyone

Name is Matt and thanks for letting me be apart of this forum :)

Alittle about myself, been into electronic repairs for a good 20+ years and also been collecting/repairing coin operated arcade and amusements for about 15+

Now you wonder why is a coin operated repair guy in a computer forum for????? Well i own 2 vintage Apple systems which well anything Apple IIc/IIe i really like/enjoy and learning about or should say relearning lol

Anyway long story short, My Apple IIC was my first computer, its been in the family since brand new so i still got all the original disks plus copied ones when it was my brothers ect ect ect.

Last time i powered this up would be a good 10 or so years ago other then that been sitting in a cupboard wrapped up only till recently when a good friend of mine (non Apple collector) sends me a message saying is this anything good to you? Pitcure of a Apple IIE hmm ok so i rang him and he said bloke at work throwing this out but ill keep it for you and send it down when i get a moment or 2, Ok cool i own a Apple IIE :)

Fast forward abit i get the machine it wasn't just the apple in the original box it was the original monitor with all manuals, foam wrapping plus the plastic wrap, original printer same deal and anything this else that goes with a IIE, put it this way i just walked in to Apple and bought it home thats how original it is.

This Apple's casing is white it looks brand new like its been used once in its life time so i rarely bring it out to play. It does power up and work flawless but i am trying to not use it hence using my Apple 2C more as well.

Anyways thanks for letting me ramble but i do have a repair question i am going to be putting up soon pretty simple one but i think the part is going to be tricky to find in AUS/NZ but you never know if you never ask :)

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Re: Howdy from Australia :)

Postby tezza on Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:37 am

Welcome to the forums!

I own a few Apples but not an Apple IIC. I consider them funky looking ,especially with that cute little screen.
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Re: Howdy from Australia :)

Postby slaanesh on Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:58 pm

G'day Matt,

I'm interested in Arcade machines too, though I only own a single PCB.
What units do you have? What sort of repairs have you conducted? I'm imagining all sorts.
In an era of disposable and cheap technology, repair work is something of an art now - and an art I'm interested in learning.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello!
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Re: Howdy from Australia :)

Postby LS120 on Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:19 pm

hey matt,

welcome to the site.. i have a couple of old pokie machines that i need to look at.. both work to a point, 1 is old real type the other is a video type.. any help you can give would be great.. even repair type books (pdf) etc.. thanks
and have fun..
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