The "Piracy" word and all it entailed... etc

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Re: The "Piracy" word and all it entailed... etc

Postby coogie on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:32 am

Was it just me or did some of you get a kick out of the challenges around successfully copying an original disk. :?:

The amount of effort it took to copy let alone remove the protection of some of the Apple ][ software was considerable, in-fact I am still flummoxed by a couple of original 5.25 disks in my collection, which I could never knock off and yes I didn't like to use the original disk as they were around $70-$100 to buy at the time and one ruthless clatter of our Disk 2 drive was enough to right them off forever... :x

It seemed my mates with amiga's / 64's and Atari's at the time did not have anywhere as much trouble making duplicates of there favorite games etc.

However in saying this it isn't until recently that I have been able to circumvent the CP issue + get around the 5.25 barriers (moldy disks) with some caveats. I did this by by purchasing a CFFA3000 and heading down the disk image track. Which reminds me I should give an updated post now I have it in hand... :)
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