Wellington haul - The aftermath


It's been a slog but I've finally worked my way through the Wellington haul. This involved cleaning (lots of cleaning!), checking, repairing, assessing and deciding what to keep, pass on, or junk. The annotated photos below tell the story!

Fate of the Wellington haul - 1

Figure 1. Fate of the computers and monitors (and one printer) from the Wellington haul

Fate of the computers

Fate of the monitors

Fate of the Wellington haul - 2

Figure 2. Fate of the other things in the Wellington haul

Fate of the printers

Fate of other things


All in all the Wellington haul has added substantially to my collection. The IBM XT and Computerphone were the highlights. Even the things that I've sold on have been fun to check out. Everything is now assessed, cleaned and stored away. I've got my garage back!

20th November, 2010

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