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Terry Stewart (aka Tezza in VCF)
Palmerston North

Details last updated: 2nd April, 2014

Fifty-odd classic models (all working) which can be seen from a link on the navigation bar above.

Compucolour, Jupiter Ace, IBM AT Model F keyboard

Nick Trounson

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

amiga 500s, cd32s, 1200. pc-xts, 286s, 386s, 486s. atari 800xl, sega sc3000s, apple iigs, power macintoshes.

sega sf7000, amiga 4000

Bob Doran
Bob says" The computer science department at Auckland University maintains displays on computer history in its lobbies. We have a time line and a wide variety of artefacts including the University's IBM 1620 computer. We are always interested in filling gaps in the collection. "

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009


Anything illustrating the history of computing in new zealand.

Keith Whitehead
Palmerston North
Keith says "I have over 300 machines and still want that sad or what ?"

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Many 8 bit computers, peripherals, books, magazines.

Jupiter Ace.

Jason Kyle

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

A few 8-bit 80's era machines, sinclair, amstrad, amiga

DEC (Digital) PDP. Any model, peripheral, documentation, software, tapes etc. any state, partial/non-functioning is okay

Donovan Marshall

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Atari, Amstrad, Apricot, Apple, Burroughs, Commodore, DEC, HP, Radioshack, Sinclair, SGI, and more...

Currently I'm working with Apple gear, 68K Macs and early PowerPC stuff.

Aaron Blakie

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Mostly Atari and Sinclair, some Commodore gear - I also collect game consoles and lcd games pre 1990

Atari 400, Sinclair ZX80

Andrew Quinn

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

TRS-80 Model 100,4; BBC Model B; Apple //; 80's vintage

DEC Rainbow; PDP-8/PDP-11/Microvax

Graeme Torckler

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

ZX80, Sinclair, Atari 2600, Lisa Mac with Harddrive & printer

ZX80, Lisa, Atari 2600

John Pratt

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Atari, Apple, Commodore, CDC, IBM, ICL, Sun,

Still looking for odd bits and pieces and related artefacts

Matthew Goode

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Game consoles, 8-bit computers (Atari, Commodore, etc...), Amiga, Atari, Apple Mac

Commodore 65.

Michael Elrick
Michael says: "If I have a theme then its '8 bit computers of the late 70's and 80's' although I'm not really strict with this. I'm especially interested in 6502 machines as I am building my own one from scratch. Favourite computer would have to be the BBC Micro.
I have about 60 units with 6800, 6809, Z80, 6502 CPUs

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Acorn (BBC B, Master 128, Compact, Electron), Atari 800XL, Apple 2e, ZX81, Z88, Jupiter Ace, Amstrad CPC464, Amiga 500.

BBC cables

Vaughan Gera

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Tomy, Kenner, Gakken Handhelds. Sega SC3000. Nintendo LCD's and game watches. Casio game calcs. Grandstand, Adman consoles. All retro handhelds etc

Mainly the Space Shuttle Watch!! Scrambler. Whole Tomytronic 3D binochular series. Tron. SC3000 cartridges

Seth Fraser

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Fairly extensive range - amigas, atari, apples old and new, commodore, amstrads, nintendo, sega, rare 70s gaming consoles, 286, 386, 386, unusual recent pc machines and more! manuals, cords, cables, parts, accessaries, joysticks.

Mattel Aquarius

Andrew Stephen

Andrew says "I am interested in all early home computers through the 70s, 80s and early 90s, with a particular interest in Sinclair computers. I am also interested in games consoles, from 70s "Pong" types through to Sega Dreamcast."

Details last updated: 2nd March, 2012

Some of the more unusual computers (for the New Zealand market) I have in my collection include:
Sinclair ZX80 and Sinclair QL, Acorn Atom, RiscPC 600 and 700, Tangerine Computer Systems, Oric 1, Dragon Data Dragon 32, Apple ][+ (American model, not the Europlus),
Multitech Micro-Professor MPF-I, NeXTStation Turbo, Briel Altair 8800 micro (modern Altair 8800 work-alike), Commodore C116 (Little brother to the Plus/4 and C16), IBM 5140 portable computer, ICL One-Per-Desk, (aka Computerphone) , Osborne-1, ZX Spectrum 128

BM PC 5150, Macintosh 128K, Apple Lisa - any model, Enterprise, Microbee, Commodore Pet/CBM, IMSAI, Altair, Memotech, Sinclair MK14, Grundy Newbrain, Jupiter Ace, Aquarius 2, Next Cube, TRS-80 Model 1-4, Poly, Schneider, Amstrad, various Timex models.

Clinton Rowe
Clinton says "I have a computer & technology collection that is wide in scope,
and a house that is short on space. NZ's 80's Computing & gaming history is represented with 200+ computers, software, books & mags, board games, handheld & tabletop games, 100+ cart & pong consoles, calculators, plus some typewriters, VCRs & tvs to boot

Details last updated: 10th March, 2010

Mostly 80s home computer brands, Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad, Apple, Atari, to Sega, Sinclair & Spectravideo but also business & luggables such as HP, Bondwell, Epson & Sharp.

Amstrad CPC664, Apple Lisa, Apricot, Atari 400,
Commodore Pet, Dragon, Dick Smith Cat, Enterprise, Sinclair ZX80
To make it easy to remember say:
"Apple Apricot, Pet Cat Dragon"

Sean Jennings

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Commodore, Apple, Amstrad

VIC-20, Commodore 16, Commodore Plus-4, Apple II
Peripherals for the above

John Chaplin

Details last updated 16th November, 2009

Several Commodore and Amiga computers and now 100+ Apple II and Macintosh units


Mark Barlow
Phone: +64 27 489 6721

Details last updated 2nd July, 2010

A collection comprising over 200+ computers, 60+ video game systems, 500+ Vintage CPU’s, Cellphones and massive amounts of vintage software and accessories.

Most of Apple’s computers including Apple IIplus / IIe / IIc, Prototype Macintosh, most other Mac models including Mac Portable, Newtons 100 / 110 / 130 / MessagePad 2000, eMate 300’s/ Next Cube, Next Station and Mac clones. IBM System 36, DEC VAX 9000’s, DEC Rainbow 100 / 190, Burroughs, Poly 2’s, IBM PC / IBM XT / IBM AT / IBM PCjr / IBM JX / Portable / Convertable, Data General One, Sord, Morrow, Sun Microsystems 1, HP Model 85, Acorn Electron / 3000, BBC, Apricot Portable, Amstrad, Atari 400 / 600XL / 800XL / 130XE / XE / 520ST / 2600 / 5200 / 7800 /
Lynx, Commodore VIC20 / C64 / C128 / Plus4 /
Amiga, Dick Smith VZ200 / VZ300, NEC 8001B, Osborne Portable OCC1, Compaq Portable I / II / III, Compaq Deskpro, TRS80 Model III, Eintstein Genius, Texas Instruments TI99/4A, Sinclair ZX81 / Spectrum 16k / Spectrum 48k / Spectrum 128k / Spectrum+ / QL, Lambda 8300, Oric 1, Oric Atmos, Aquarius, Canon CX1, Onyx Sundance, Sega 3000H / Master System I & II / Mega Drive I & II / Genesis / Saturn / Dreamcast, Sony PS1 / PS2 / PSP, Xbox / Xbox 360, Nintendo NES / 64 / Virtual Boy / Game Cube / Gameboy / Super Scope, Panasonic 3DO, Fountain I / Force II / 1392 Programmable, Orbit Gimini 8600, Tunix HA-1, Sheen 104, Kingsway, Grandstand Videomaster, Sporttronic, Soundic, Haminex Mark III / TVG070C / 677CIP.

And lots of others unlisted…


Dave Brown
Christchurch 8053
Phone: +64 3 3527 666

Details last added 1st November, 2010

Mostly slide rules and early calculators. Some smaller micros.


Mark R. Titchener

Details last added 5th March, 2011

PDP-8 (straight 8), PDP11/83 with 3x 400Mbyte Hardrives, tape drive, etc, Also 2 LSI-11's, ( both the T-11 and J-11), diablo daisywheel printer, slide-rules,  early 1900's planimeter, electrical instruments including 1926 power meters, 1950's HP 608D VHF Sig Generator, 1930's burroughs semi-electric typewriter 

Would love an ASR33 teleype for my PDP-8... I wish to make this a going system in due course. Also would like to get the 8" floppy drives for the LSI-11. Any EAI analog computers or similar.

Roger Barraud
Auckland - North Shore
This website and this one

Roger says " Would like to meet fellow retro-nuts in Auckland in particular - I'm also occasionally in the Wellington and Hamilton areas... else I can be persuaded to take a nice long motorcycle ride :)"

Details last added 27th April, 2011

OSI Superboard II,
AMI 6800 Proto board,
TI TM990/189 University module (which I think has a fried CPU :( ),
SWTPC-ish (MUG) 6809 SS-50 with floppies,
homebrew/ breadboarded and console 68k and Z80 stuffz... lots of
other bits.
DDT-51 (Circuit Cellar / BYTE mag 8051 / 8031 emulator)

Commodore 64? :)
Apple ][
Atari TT / ST

John Evans
Laingholm, West Auckland
Can be contacted via private message through the NZ Vintage Computer Forums where he goes under the name Welsh Wizard.

Details last added 31st October, 2011

mostly Atari A8's 800 XL's 130 XE's Lynx various ST's, Commodore 64's, C16 , Mac power mac (unsure of model), early Imac, early IBM

Archimedes and Amiga (in storage somewhere)

V20, Z80's, Dragon64

Adrian (Bert) Garrett-Tuck
Wellington (work/life) and Napier (family & ‘workshop’)
Can be contacted via private message through the NZ Vintage Computer Forums where he goes under the name of Bert.

Details last added 5th December, 2011




BBC/Acorn and old IBM machines (have a BBC/Acorn A3000, and a A7000 that I even have on the internet)
2 x IBM PC XTs currently being repaired and restored.
1 x IBM compatible 486, 2 x IBM compatible 386s.
Various other Windows/Linux-based PC’s/Laptops.

Any old IBM or IBM-compatible XT, PS/2, 286/386/486 machines and cards/part.

Acorn A3010 (the one with the green Acorn logo on the top above the keyboard), an A4000, and an A5000 and a BBC Micro.

Chris Rickards
New Plymouth

Chris says "I am an OLD computer geek from the days when we made our own computers on a
bread board working into a B & W TV with all memory bar about 1k, and a data drive !!

Details last added 17th July, 2012

Apple fan since the ill fated Lisa !

A power supply unit for a BBC

Andrew Joll

Details last added 12th August, 2012

Sord M23 x2, M23EX, M68 x2
Apple IIe x3, IIc
Commodore CBM 8032/8050, VIC-20, C64C
Sinclair ZX81
Amstrad CPC6128
HP 85
Compaq LTE Lite 4/25

Anything (literally) from, by or relating to Sord
Sinclair ZX 16k RAM pack (or clone)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k
BBC Model B

Mike Ross

Details last added 1st February, 2013

Mainly 1960s and 1970s DEC pdp and IBM mainframe and mini systems (See website).


Gavin Turner
Phone: +64 22 409 4964

Details last added 2nd April, 2014

Multiple units of the following:
Apple GS/II/e/c/+ & Europlus, Woz limited edition GS, Apple Clones,
C16,C64, C64c, C128, VIC20,
PiedPiper, Spectrum, System80,
VZ200, Amstrad, BBC(B), BBC3000, Electron

Hundreds of ring bound computer user guides & 8 bit computer books.

Too many other items to list...

VZ300&FDD, Pet, Dragon, Oric, Jupiter Ace, Action Replay, Isepic

CJ Gooch

Details last added 15th May, 2014

80's and 90's Computers and consoles
Mainly: PC, Amstrad, Commodore, Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony

Amstrad: CPC Monitors & Alternatives, CPC Plus
Amiga: A500 Gotek Drive, A600 4MB Fast Ram, A600 1MB Chip Ram

Logan Nicoll

Details last added 29th August, 2014

Amiga 500 x2, Amiga 1200/40, Amiga CD32, Macintosh SE x2, Macintosh Plus, C64 x2, Wang PC260, Toshiba T3200SX, ZX Spectrum

Atari 2600, Amiga 4000, DEC PDP, Altair 8088, IBM 5100

Andreas Friedrich Berendsen
Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu
Facebook Page

Details last added 5th September, 2014

Apple IIe, Apple II MoBo only, abou 12 Macintoshes Motorola, Quadras, Performa, G3, G4, G5, Power Macs, Laptops etc

A few Amigas (different models), a few Commodores (different models), A few Sinclars, a few Ataris, a few Sun servers (they will be considered old in 10 years) :) and a few IBM servers

A lot of software, disks, books, magazines etc

Everything I can put my hands on!

James Parker
Ngaruawahia, Waikato

James says "Been collecting since I was 19 years, imported all my bits to NZ from UK."

Details last added 7th February, 2015

Have most Vintage consoles from early leather bound Pong from the early 70s to some of the unusual Fountain 2 NZ Consoles, Hanimex and a few other like Grandstand.
Commodore PET, C64, C16 +4, Amiga 512, 1024
IBM Junior, Other 286 Desktops and 200 mmx fully working systems

After anything really to buy or have spares too.

Gary Hucker

Details last added 21st April, 2015

Dick Smith Wizzard, Dick Smith VZ200, Dick Smith System 80, Sinclair ZX81s, Sinclair ZX Spectrums (16K, 48K, +2, Spectrum +), Sinclair QLs, Sinclair calculator, Spectravideo SV318, Commodore Amiga 500s, Commodore Amiga 600s, Commodore 64s, Atari Lynx, IBM 5155, IBM PS/2 Model 30, IBM PS/1 486 SX and Calculator collection including mainly HP. Some peripherals, software and manuals. Mostly working examples but my System 80 and VZ200 are not working at this stage.

Anything I don't already have and would also consider items I already have as parts or spares.

Clive Ward

Clive says "Have been in computers since they first came out. I was running Wanganui Computer Services and Wanganui Computer Recyclers until recently, when age, failing eyesight and supposed retirement took it's toll. Am still considering setting up a garage based museum if I ever get all these scrap machine out of it."

Details last added 4th September, 2016

Have around 500 old computers of all types, makes, models, ranging from 286 up. Atari, Amiga, Commodore, Vic, BBC, Acorn, Amstrad etc etc. Old dual 5 1/4 8080, CPM etc.


Kevin Phillips
(aka “kevman3d” on forums)
Auckland Website:

ZX Spectrum, C64, VIC 20, Sega SC3000H, Atari 600XL & 800XL, ZX81 Atari 2600, NES, SNES Various peripherals, books, magazines and software.

Tough question – Anything I can lay my hands on!

Daniel Moffat
Duntroon, North Otago

Daniel says "I have a NZCE in computers and electronics and was brought up with the TRS-80, Apple 2e and learned to program in C, Assembler for the 68000 and 8088. My work now is in the electrical industry and so I have time with quite large control systems, SCADA and protection systems. I do love bringing these old computers back to life and they just seem to have so much more personality than a windows 10 computer these days."

Details last added 3rd July, 2018

Acorn Electron, Amstrad 1640, Amstrad CPC464, Amstrad CPC6128, Amstrad PCW8256, Amstrad PC-20, Amstrad PPC640 (faulty)
Casio FP1000 - faulty,
Commodore C64, C64C, Vic20
Colour Genie EG2000,
DECPC 450D2LP, Digital Decwriter II (Under repairs), DEC PDP11/23+
HP 715/64
IBM XT Clone, IBM XT 3270, IBM 2139, IBM 2144, IBM 2196, IBM 633699A, IBM 6382, IBM 6571
Multibus II system,
Olivetti Auditor A5,
Spectra Video SVI328,
Sinclair ZX81,
Sun Ultra 5,
TRS80 Coco


David Apimerika
New Plymouth

Details last added 27th July, 2018

Mostly Apple, a ZX81, Spectrum, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64

Always looking at gaps in my Apple collection. At the moment, LocalTalk and AAUI adapters.

Ecotech Services

Details last added 12th March, 2019

A few 1980s units and spare parts for 1990s/2000s PCs. We have these for sale.

Anything you don't want and would be happy to sell or trade.

Lucas Fairweather
Tauranga (but often based in Auckland)

Details last added 10th June, 2019

Only a Macintosh Classic. It doesn’t work anymore, so I would like some help getting it back up and running. I also have a small vintage OS collection which I am interested in building up.

Looking for an early 1990s or late 1980s rig that can run early versions of DOS.

Ethan Attridge
Blenheim, Marlborough

Details last added 13th July, 2021

Macintosh 512k, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE FDHD, Macintosh Classic, Commodore 64C, IBM Model F XT Keyboard, IBM Model M PS/2 Keyboard, too many mechanical ADB keyboards, Windows XP & 7 machines

Macintosh SE/30, Oric 1, IBM 5155, IBM PS/2 system, First gen macintosh compatible Apple Printer

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