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Michael Foot

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

BBC Micro and Acorn computers

Any BBC or Acorn item, especially Acorn Atom, Acorn business machine, Acorn Unix box and Econet server.

Philip Avery

Details last updated: 17th Feb, 2010

Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III, Model 100 and Model 102, and a Kaypro II


Selwyn Arrow
North Shore

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009



Michael Lasham

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009


MK12, Sinclair C5 electric car, Sinclair calculators, Sinclair TV's

Carl Layton

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009


a 'classic' system disk (ie, 9.2) for use on a g4 ibook

Richard Goulstone

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Amstrad CPC + anything else Amstrad

Amstrad CPC Plus

Stephen Tse
Lower Hutt

Details last updated: 17th Aug, 2009

Apple IIe

Dinosaur Discovery Kit for Apple IIe

Aaron Wheeler
This Website or this one

Details last updated: 28th Aug, 2009

Sega 8bit Computers and Software

Sega SC3000 software, magazines and paperwork

Brady Wedding

Details last updated 5th October, 2009

Mac classic 1&2
Mac performa 5400, Directors edition


Andrew Kerr
Featherston, Wairarapa
Co-founder of
(Andrew can be contacted through the website above)

Details last updated 28th December, 2012

Several SEGA SC-3000/SC-3000H units, a SEGA SF-7000 control station and a significant collection of cassettes, cartridges, discs and publications for the SC-3000 and SF-7000

The Firefox and Bill’s Basement games and anything else that our group hasn’t seen or archived already.

Gavin Quayle
Stanmore Bay, Auckland
Website (Big change coming soon)

Details last updated 17th May, 2015

Amiga 500 (1.3)
Amiga 1200
1084S monitor

Anything Amiga related

Andy Gardner

Details last updated 21st December, 2015

Hewlett Packard Instrumentation/Test Equipment. Presently have: HP141T systems, 1415A TDR, 3586 SLM's, 5580B NIM rack, 105B, 5065A Rubidium Standard, 8640B's, etc. Any pre-2000 HP equipment

Steven Senn

Details last updated 12th January, 2017

I principally collect early Apple or Compatibles (70s & 80s).

Currently in the stable are: Apple II+, Europlus, IIe, IIe Platinum, IIgs, IIc, IIc+, III, III+, Lisa, Mac 128K, 512K, Plus, Classic, SE, II IIci, DickSmith Cat, VTech Laser 128ex, Associated software, peripherals, many different expansion cards, magazines, manuals etc.

Early Apple I or II (any condition), Working Apple II Colour Composite Monitor,  Apple IIe Duo Drive with controller card.

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