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These visitor entries were written between 9th July 2008 and 18th April 2014.
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Donald Foster  
Glen Burnie, Maryland USA
Sunday, 27. January 2013 16:05 Host: Send E-mail

I enjoyed reading your stories. You remind me alot like myself. I'm from the USA and over 25 years ago I wrote over a dozen board games for the TRS-80 Model 4 and several dozen board games for the Tandy 2000. I am a collector of vintage computers.

France escort:
Hi! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to give it a look. I'm definitely loving the information. I'm book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and great design.
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Charlie Carothers  
Dallas, Texas USA
Wednesday, 16. January 2013 18:21 Host: Send E-mail

Hi Terry,
Great site! I enjoyed reading your comments about RetroBrite just now. I hope you find a long term solution. I added your site to my "FrequentMisc" folder which means I'll be checking back rather often. I can tell there is a lot to explore that I've not seen yet.
Best regards,
Charlie C.
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Friday, 11. January 2013 06:31 IP:

Impressive collection - what blast from the past.

Take care + greetings from Austria
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Auckland NZ
Sunday, 6. January 2013 22:08 IP:

Great Website, Beebs RULE! Thanks.
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Miguel Santiago  
Wednesday, 12. December 2012 09:56 Host: Send E-mail


Very nice collection.. Love the machines.

Best regards,

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Wayne Smith  
Burbank, CA
Wednesday, 14. November 2012 08:51 IP:

Enjoyed your YouTube video on the Challenger 1P, that I saw referenced in the cctalk group on Very interesting to see the computer in operation. Nice Exidy Sorcerer, by the way.

Terry Stewart:
Thanks Wayne,

I now have a YouTube clip on the Sorcerer too, as you might have seen.
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Tuesday, 9. October 2012 11:21 Host:

Dear Tezza,

I am a vintage computer enthusiast, much like yourself, now fiddling with a Commodore 64 plus a 1541 drive.
I found your disk image transfer most useful, and I plan to do so myself.
Altogether it is heartwarming to have someone these days that still speaks the language of the old microcomputers of the 1980s.

Terry Stewart:
Thanks for those comments Aviv. Good to see my articles are being put to good use (-:
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Friday, 5. October 2012 16:39 Host:

Wow - this is cool!

Do you have or will you put other Bits & Bytes magazines up? 1987, 1988 etc ?

Terry Stewart:
I do have those issues. Yes, I intend to scan and upload them sometime.
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Monday, 1. October 2012 11:20 IP: Send E-mail

Ahhh - Nostalgia. I own a partially defunct TRS80 III that I purchased new around 1981. It contains two PSU's only one of which still works. My intention (several years ago) was to get the diskette PSU repaired, but it's never quite happened. A recent Trademe purchase of a TRSDOS manual and diskette may rekindle interest. Philip Avery's experience with a TRS80 III PSU was an interesting read but I'm afraid the soot surrounding a couple of capacitors is about as far as my limited electronic knowledge has taken me.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane

Terry Stewart:
Thanks Warwick,

If you ever decide to have a crack at fixing it, join the forums. Some people there could probably help.
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Sam Brown  
Helsinki, Finland
Saturday, 29. September 2012 02:21 IP: Send E-mail

Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on the website and to say thanks for making the bits & bytes magazines available. What memories! Just to let you know they are being thoroughly enjoyed here in Finland. Will keep an eye open for updates. Best wishes,


Terry Stewart:
You're welcome Sam
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Manu Caddie  
Friday, 21. September 2012 13:06 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Have you seen any graphs of computers in homes in NZ since the 1970s?

Terry Stewart:
No, no figures for households, only prices.
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Joe McMorrow  
Buckingham Great Britain
Tuesday, 28. August 2012 05:00 IP: Send E-mail

What a trip down memory lane!
I drooled over a CBM PET when I was a schoolboy (our school had a single PET 2001 with the calculator keyboard).
I also nearly bought an exidy Sorcerer but ended up with a second hand Intertec Data systems "Superbrain".

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Jack Machiela  
Saturday, 25. August 2012 13:56 IP: Send E-mail

Great work, archiving all these old magazines!

If I recall correctly, issue one was given away at my High School in Hastings to all computer geek students. I ended up writing for them in the last years of their existence. I think they still owe me for the last two articles but they went belly-up before they cold cough up! :)

One request - there's a few issues missing - I found broken links for 3.01, 3.07, and 3.08. Any chance of a fixed link for those? Much appreciated in either case!

- Jack Machiela

Terry Stewart:
Thanks for altering me to this Jack.

Now fixed!
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Tuesday, 24. July 2012 06:02 IP:

Hi Tezza
Congrats on your great work here, just found your site today, so many contents to read.
And here's a broken link, hope you can fix it, TIA!
BitsAndbytes issue 4-5

Terry Stewart:
Hi Gerard,

Thanks for the nice comments and the heads up on the link. It's now fixed.
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Joshua Turner  
United States
Wednesday, 23. May 2012 12:03 Host: Send E-mail

He I am from the US and just found an Atari 400 but I need a cheap way to get a new power adapter. Can you help?

Nope. I only have one for my own machine. My advice would be to keep watching eBay.
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Craig Dowling  
United Kingdom
Monday, 23. April 2012 23:21 Host: Send E-mail

Thanks for scanning in the old mags. I was really pleased and nostalgic to see again my first ZX81 game publised in issue 2-12 Sept 1984 page 33. Brilliant!! The ZX was so much fun!!
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Roland Gane  
Tauranga, New Zealand
Saturday, 17. March 2012 22:01 IP: Send E-mail

Great to see people still active in the old scene!

I have 3 old Atari 400 systems, 4 old 800xl systems, 3 ST systems including 1040stf mono colour screens, Falcon 030, and various carts for 8-bit! My disks were stolen years ago, but i have downloaded everything Atari even though I should have bought a Commodore Amiga( Not Atari ST), as design is basically an Atari 8 bit modified, same designer!
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Rizal Acob  
Surrey, B.C., Canada
Thursday, 15. March 2012 19:26 Host:

Hi Tezza,
Thanks for your good article on the Osborne1. It was a good reference in resurrecting my newly acquired Osborne1. As you know by now, it also suffered the same 'blowing/smoking' capacitors.

Terry (Tez):
You're welcome Rizal,

Good to see it's fixed and is up and running.
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Harvey Kong Tin  
Dunedin, New Zealand
Thursday, 8. March 2012 23:56 IP: Send E-mail

I was passed a message that you wanted to document the development of so-called 'classic' computer games of the 80s' - typically called 8-bit home computers these days - that were designed and programmed in New Zealand?

Since you started this quest of documentation? some years? ago - I don't know why you have not contacted me? regarding the first home computer arcade games that were completely designed and programmed in New Zealand...

Terry Stewart:

No, I wasn't running a project to document NZ 8-bit games. You might be confused with the project detailed in the forums called "Preserving NZ-designed games" under the Vintage Computer Gaming forum on the forums part of this site.

Anyway, it's a good initiative so I urge you to get in touch with the people involved.
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Sunday, 19. February 2012 06:11 Host: Send E-mail

thanks to your article on the Wellington Haul, and especially the article on the New Zealand Telecom Computerphone I was finally able to identify something in my collection that has been taunting me for a while...turns out I own an NOS replacement keyboard for said idea how that part made it to germany to be picked up by me.



same as above^^:
I reread your article and took note of the fact that your board seems to have a key that doesnt work. I only intend to keep the caps off of my replacement board, since they fit on modern ALPS switch keyboards, so I have no use for the actual board. If you would like to have it so you can restore your Computerphone to full functionality I would be glad to send it to you for the price of shipping. You can reach me at the email posted above.
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