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These visitor entries were written between 9th July 2008 and 18th April 2014.
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Indianapolis, IN
Friday, 18. April 2014 07:55 Host: Send E-mail

Hi Tezza,

We have an old client who saved many original IBM pcs (with keyboards and monitors). (Some others too: Gaweway 2000 and Epson RX 80 printer, etc.)

I wonder if you could help us, to find out if there is any market for them recently. I would love to sell all the over 30 items as one.

Best, Nora
from Indiana

ps.: I found you on internet and see you may have vast knowledge on this subject. Good luck for collecting!!
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bob lalas  
new york
Wednesday, 9. April 2014 04:50 IP: Send E-mail

Your website when it comes to elegance, it has captured the sense of the readers. The well organized theme blends with the content has the capacity to bring it to the top.
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Rion Flavell  
Palmerston North New Zealand
Friday, 28. February 2014 20:54 IP: Send E-mail

hi Terry

I just have to say it's fantastic to see another new Zealander so passionate about retro computer technology. I'm from the 8 bit generation and attribute my love of computers to my Atari 800xl which I first owned before the Commodore 64. It was quite emotional seeing your review of the 800xl computer for me as it encapsulates my childhood memories and early teenage years of development. I modify gaming consoles thesedays as a side business a long way it seems from token driven arcade parlours like wizards and 8 bit gaming at home. I remember fast hackem program but most of all the Atari 800xl system I had with a printer plotter. keep up the great site and reviews Terry. Just awesome man!

Terry Stewart:
Glad you enjoyed the videos Rion and thanks for those supportive words.

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Tim Lucas  
Western Australia
Tuesday, 11. February 2014 18:22 Host: Send E-mail

Really appreciate the sight. The first time I saw a TRS-80 Level I 4k RAM I wanted one instantly (1979). Eventually I ended up with a Model III 16k, then a Model 4 64k, totally changed my life into the computing direction. Late nights entering programmes and not studdying but it was worth it. Loved the whole concept. Enjoy the Micro - you could use it as a letter box, boat anchor or my personal favorate - a letter box (100 different uses). Great memories. Sincerely Thanks, Tim

Terry Stewart:
Thanks for the feedback Tim


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David Edwards  
Sunday, 2. February 2014 02:38 Host: Send E-mail

Hi there, I've just acquired an EG2000 Colour Genie with a number of games. They don't appear to be available anywhere on the Internet so I thought I'd try and make WAVs of them and upload them. However, I can't seem to get the Genieous emulator to load a single game - even the ones I download from the Internet (which I assume work!). I'm using the right command - CLOAD - and pressing ENTER - and loading commences fine. However it then says OM (Out of Memory) error. If I LIST I get garbage. What configuration should I have Genieous set to? Any ideas?

Email sent (-:
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Brian Green  
Friday, 31. January 2014 06:17 Host:

Hello Terry,
I enjoyed seeing your video of your Ohio Scientific Challenger 1 and 4.
I have an Ohio Scientific Challenger III, triple processor 6502, 6800 & Z80 with external RS232 Monitor. When installing an 8 inch floppy, 65kB, the drive rotates continuously. It was working well. Unfortunately, I had a minor fault with it a few years ago, which I have yet to repair.
I have a programming book which I found useful, called, "How to program microcomputers", by William B. On the front cover is a picture of Challenger III (C3-S1). This book contains a section, Part 4, "Programming Algorithms" Subroutines for 8080, 6800 & 6502. ISBN 0-672-21459-8 (0672214598).
Hope this is useful.
All the best,

Thanks for the comment Brian
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Chris Reynolds  
Wednesday, 1. January 2014 15:54 IP:

Thanks Terry, that was a blast from the past.

Terry Stewart:
You're welcome Chris (-:
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Michael Shannon  
United States
Monday, 30. December 2013 07:16 Host: Send E-mail

Terry, I really enjoy watching your video reviews of your classic computers. It really takes me back to remember my own connections to them. I first learned BASIC on an APPLE II at school, while sneaking plays in of bootlegged Castle Wolfenstein disks while the teacher wasn't looking. My first computer was a Commodore 64. After it died, I bought another from someone. For $100, I got the computer and tons of software. It had an early GUI called GEOS with it, as well. Thank you so much for bringing back all those warm nostalgic memories.

You're welcome Michael,

I'd glad you're enjoying the videos. I've never played with GEOS. I must do so sometime.
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James Lawry  
New York
Saturday, 28. December 2013 16:18 Host:

Great website. I had a summer job at Dick Smith Electronics in Auckland, and I wrote the Amstrad column for Bits & Bytes for a while (1987 onward, so after the end of your current archive). I was at high school at the time.

Thanks James. I do hope to scan those later ones in at some stage.
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Wednesday, 11. December 2013 16:50 Host: Send E-mail

Terry, your website is cool, it's amazing to see people interested in the technologies that made computers and gadgets what they are now!
Most people just take them for granted, and this site makes me feel like it was just yesterday, when the very first home computer was presented, keep it up !

Thanks for those comments and the support!
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Peter Hood  
Saturday, 30. November 2013 04:18 Host: Send E-mail

Thank you for the memories. You have a very engaging web site.

Thank you Peter
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Thursday, 7. November 2013 01:36 Host:

Oldschool is always on top!
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Thursday, 24. October 2013 23:36 Host:

i love old stuuf like this!
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Thursday, 24. October 2013 00:53 Host: Send E-mail

Great source of news and informations about old computers! :)
I miss my comodore Good job!
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Sunday, 20. October 2013 18:23 Host: Send E-mail

very nice site
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Wednesday, 21. August 2013 21:07 Host:

Quite a collection you got there, mate. In particular I envy your SX-64!
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United States
Friday, 16. August 2013 11:19 Host:

Fantastic site Terry!

Bought my TRS-80 in Australia before Tricky Dicky released the System 80, so I never had a System 80 back in those days.

The information here however is invaluable. I recently retrieved my old TRS-80 Model 1 from Australia were it had been sitting for 20 plus years. Hoping to get some time to try to get it working. If not, I'll be checking out the emulators.

Thank you for taking the time on your site. The recalled memories alone from reading the pages have made my day


Thanks for the note Les. I'm glad you enjoyed the site.
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Tuesday, 13. August 2013 19:24 Host:

Thank you for a wonderfully informative website. Your collection of computer is too good.

Much obliged!
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Ron Rochondo  
Boston, MA
Tuesday, 13. August 2013 13:10 Host: Send E-mail

Excellent site! Thank you for doing all this.
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Saturday, 10. August 2013 16:09 Host: Send E-mail

Hi Terry,
Great website, thank you. You've put together a lot of information. I especially like the NZ Bits & Bytes magazines you've scanned, they're really interesting. I've also enjoyed watching your videos about the computers in your collection.

Thanks Kevin. I'm glad you enjoyed the site. There's more to come in the future.
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