A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "BASIC Toolkit" disk

This disk contains programs and utilities to aid with BASIC programming, along with some programs to extend BASIC and one very good BASIC compiler (ZBASIC).

Basic compilers and extensions

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Level 1 BASIC (level1/cmd) Tandy Level 1 BASIC. The original Model 1 BASIC level1
GRBasic (grbasic/cmd) Med System's GRbasic, which adds a number of graphic commands to disk BASIC. (Thanks to Al Tracker for supplying the manual) grbasic
Graphic 90's Animation BASIC
(uabasic/cmd and abasicn/cmd)
This is Animation Basic (ABASIC), with a preloader patch for NEWDOS/80 v 2.0. ABASIC was part of Graphic-90, an animation package produced by TANDY for the '80s machines. uabasic
This then loads abasicn
ZBASIC 2.2 Compiler (zxcdm48/cmd), (zxcd48/cmd)
A popular BASIC compiler available in three versions. Zxcdm48 supports double-precision real numbers and is suitable for 48k memory. (1982) zxcdm48
For double precision, disk-enabled ZBASIC

Programming Utilities

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Hex to Decimal Converter (hexdec/bas) Converts hex to decimal and vice versa - very useful! basic run"hexdec/bas"
Bit Demo (bitdemo/bas) A graphic demonstration of just what a byte is and how it relates to binary. basic run "bitdemo/bas"
Microhex (hxdxconv/bas) A hex to decimal converter by Charlie Bartlett (1980). Also converts decimal numbers to LSB and MSB for POKE routines. basic run"hxdxconv/bas"
Omni (omni/bas) When run, it adds functionality to the BASIC editor, allowing BASIC keywords to be inserted by holding SHIFT down and pressing a letter key. basic run"omni/bas"
Number Converter (numbconv/bas) A hexadecimal/decimal converter with a number of permutations basic run"numbconv/bas"
Lowercase Converter (lcasconv/bas) Will convert text in a BASIC program from upper case to lower case. It needs to be merged into the BASIC program, then run from it's line number. Instructions are in the program basic run "lcasconv/bas"
Menu Creator v 3.8 (gammen2/cmd) Creates a title page with a menu for use in BASIC programs. By A Hopper gammen2
Spiral Title Framer (spiral/bas) A BASIC subroutine for use in your own programs which draws a fast spiral to frame a title. You would merge this into to your own code. basic run "spiral/bas" to demonstrate
Dos Address Finder (doscheck/bas) Finds all those important DOS hooks (addresses). Useful for programmers basic run "doscheck/bas"
Error Finder (where/cmd) Loads then jumps to BASIC. Can use x=usr(0) to trace data. Version 2.2 by Mike Brotherton. where

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