A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Favourite System 80 Business Programs

1. Scripsit
2. Lazy Writer
3. VisiCalc

1. Scripsit


My first word processor. Cassette-based Magic!  Also the first program to teach me a bit of assembly language. I had to learn a little, to patch it so it would work with the System 80.

Scriptsit can be found on the Tools 1.dsk in the Disk Image Archive under the filename "scripsit/lc", and in the Cassette Image Archive also.

2. Lazy Writer (and Electric Webster)


My standard Word Processor once I gained a disk-based System. In 1984 I wrote a Masterate thesis with this in the comfort of my own home and uploaded the chapters one-by-one at 300 baud to a University PRIME so I could spool them off on a high-quality DIABLO printer (the Uni. had only one of these). It was either that or sit at a PRIME terminal late at night, editing the text with a jerky full-screen EMACS-type editor called "JUNIOR" and then formatting it with a program called "RUNOFF" (yuck!).

I was the envy of grad school (-:

The program can be found on it's own disk in the Disk Image Archive.

The manual is also available

3. Visicalc


I learnt to keep the household budget on this. I actually started to enjoy the monthly round of bill-paying!

This one can be found on the Business disk in the Disk Image Archive under the name "vc/cmd". If you are so inclined, you can also download the manual (41Mb)