A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images

This part of the website contains my entire collection of TRS-80 Model 1/System 80 software in 80 track, single-sided ,single-density disk images. Try them in the TRS-80 or System 80 emulators and marvel at what could (or could not) be achieved in 48k of RAM!

If you just want to check out the software and know little about how a TRS-80 Model 1/System 80 works simply do the following...

  1. Download the virtual disk (*.DSK) files of interest to your hard drive. You will also need the NewDos/80 v2.0 one
  2. Get hold of an emulator and install it (If you are using TRS32 you'll need to Download the ROMS also . After unzipping, select the one you want and call it model1.rom).
  3. Ensure the emulator is configured as a 48k TRS-80 Model 1 or System 80 machine with disk drives enabled.
  4. make sure the NewDos Disk is attached to Drive 0: and the disk of interest is in Drive 1:
  5. Boot the machine
  6. After the boot is finished, type DIR at the cursor. This will show you the directory on disk 1.

You are now ready to go. Anything with a /cmd extension can be run by just typing the name. If it has a /bas extension, type BASIC, run "<filename>/bas". If a file doesn't seem to do anything when loaded, or won't load, it's probably an auxiliary program which is normally called by a larger one.

The NewDos/80 directory can be seen by typing DIR 0. For intrepid explorers who want to cut their way through (or out of!) the jungle of NewDos/80 2.0 commands and options, this manual (42 MB) will help. It's not for the faint-hearted BUT if you do take up the challenge, you'll be amazed at the functionality that was squeezed into this tiny (by today's standards) piece of code!

Some program manuals are available. If I do have them, they will be linked under the program name in the directory listing file unless otherwise indicated.

For those who wish to go a little deeper and learn more about how these machines actually work (as opposed to just having a quick look) start with the driving instructions page, and the manuals linked to that page. For further information on disk images and NewDos, check out this background page.

Note 1: These programs are for the TRS-80 Model 1 or clones like the System 80. Most of them should also work with the TRS-80 Model III but some will not run successfully due to hardware and ROM differences.

Note 2: If you are using these images to convert for use on a gotek floppy emulator or similar, be aware that this library assumes a two-drive system. Only the NEWDOS disk contains the necessary system files to enable OS functions (e.g. listing a directory). If your setup only has a single gotek drive, you will need to build your own library of disk images. Use the NEWDOS boot disk as a template, delete the NEWDOS utility files (to make room) then copy files in from other disk images using software like TRSTOOLS. Before starting to manipulate the disk images , boot the (unprotected) NEWDOS disk in an emulator and issue the command "system 0 an=0" so the "dir" command defaults to drive 0, rather than 1.


(Looking for a particular program? Try the Program Index)

Disk Name General Information Directory Listing
and Manuals

NewDos/80 v2.0 The DOS Disk (put this in Drive 0). NEWDOS/80-2.0

Favourites 1 My favourite arcade games. Favourites 1
Favourites 2 More favourite arcade games. Favourites 2
Favourites 3 Yet more favourite arcade games. Favourites 3
Adams 1 Scott Adams Adventure Games 1. Adams 1
Adams 2 Scott Adams Adventure Games 2 (and some from Bruce G. Hansen). Adams 2
DunjonQuest Temple of Apshai and Hellfire Warrior. Role-Playing Games with great manuals. DunjonQuest
Rescue at Rigel Rescue at Rigel. Simple science fiction RPG from Epyx. Autoboot. This disk must be in drive 0. Manual
Adventures 1 Assorted adventure games. Adventures 1
Adventures 2 More assorted adventure games. Adventures 2
Adventures 3 More assorted adventure games. Adventures 3
Adventures 4 More assorted adventure games. Adventures 4
Adventures 5 More assorted adventure games. Adventures 5
Adventures 6 More assorted adventure games. Adventures 6
Zork I The famous Zork 1 by Infocom (1983). Manual
Zork II The sequel to Zork by Infocom. Manual
Zork III Zork III (The Dungeon Master) by Infocom (1983). Manual
Leather Goddess Leather Goddesses of Phobos by Infocom (1986). Manual
Seastalker Kids interactive fiction from Infocom (1984). Manual
Local Call for Death A Crime Story by R. Lafore. Type BASIC RUN "story" to start. Manual
Mysterious Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures. Mysterious
Crush Crush, Crumble and Chomp by Epxy (1981). You may have to protect memory by typing HIMEM 47280 at the NEWDOS prompt. Then type BASIC RUN "monster". Manual
Spook House By Roger Jonathan Schrag (1982). A Model III auto-boot disk. Manual
Toxic Dumpsite By Roger Jonathan Schrag (1982). A Model III auto-boot disk. Manual
Xenos "Strange, beware...". This disk must be in drive 0. Type Xenos to start. Manual
More Arcade 1 More quality arcade games. More Arcade 1
More Arcade 2 Arcade games of varying quality. More Arcade 2
More Arcade 3 More Arcade games. More Arcade 3
More Arcade 4 More Arcade games. More Arcade 4
More Arcade 5 More Arcade games. More Arcade 5
More Arcade 6 More Arcade games. More Arcade 6
More Arcade 7 More Arcade games. More Arcade 7
More Arcade 8 More Arcade games. More Arcade 8
Basic Games 1 Some simple BASIC games. Basic Games 1
Basic Games 2 Some simple BASIC games. Basic Games 2
Basic Games 3 Some simple BASIC games. Basic Games 3
Strategy Games 1 BASIC and machine code Strategy games . Strategy Games 1
Strategy Games 2 More Strategy games. Strategy Games 2
Flight Simulators Flight Simulator games. Flight Simulators

Disk Utilities Disk and file management utilities. Disk Utilities
Memory + Diagnostics A few memory monitors and terminate-and-stay-resident utilities. Also a couple of diagnostic programs. Memory+Diagnostic

Z80 Assemblers Assemblers and disassemblers to help talk to the Z80 chip directly. All those fast arcade games were programmed using machine code tools like these. Assemblers
BASIC Toolkit Utilities and programs which help with BASIC programming. BASIC Toolkit
Pascal Pascal was an alternative to BASIC and was favoured by computer academics because it forced structured programming. Pascal
Fortran Fortran was a scientific and engineering mainframe language. This disk also contains Microsoft's Marco-80 Assembler. Fortran

Word Processing Unlike a lot of colourful and noisy home computers around at the time, the 64 character x 16 lines was enough screen real estate for word processing. Check out Lazywriter and a couple of earlier programs, Tandy's Scripsit and Electric Pencil. Word Processing
Spell Checker Electric Webster, a premium spell checker. Spell Checker

Business Applications Visicalc, plus some other programs including a few of my own. Business Apps.
Aids Plus Aids Plus v 1.1 by Softrends (1984). A business database.  

Communications Progams to talk to the world with. Communications

Music A collection of music programs. Music

Miscellaneous 1 A pot-pouri of smaller programs useful for one purpose or another. Miscellaneous 1
Miscellaneous 2 More odds and ends. Miscellaneous 2
Eaca Demo Programs Very simple BASIC programs which were on the EACA demonstration cassette tape. Eaca Demos

DICK SMITH SOFTWARE (see more information on these programs here)
Dick Smith Radio Log, diagnostic program and Turbo 2000 car racing game. Dick Smith
WORP-1 A budget word processing program written in BASIC. Auto-boot disk. maual icon Manual
WORP-9 A machine-language word processing program for the MKII model. Requires the MK II extended ROM. Auto-boot disk. maual icon Manual
Share Market Analysis A menu-driven program provided "point and figure" charts for individual or group stocks. Auto-boot disk. maual icon Manual
Data File Manager (DATFILE) A database manager. Auto-boot disk maual icon Manual
Disk Mailing List System A database systems for names and addresses. Used for printing those sticky lables that went on envelopes. Auto-boot disk maual icon Manual
Paymaster Payroll System V1.41 A Payroll program as its name would suggest. Auto-boot disk maual icon Manual
Diagnostic Disk A diagnostic program for the System 80. Auto-boot disk maual icon Manual
Accounts Receivable A debtors package consisting of three disks. Disk one auto-boots.  
Electronic Shopping Logs into an on-line Dick Smith database to allow product ordering from home. Auto-boot disk.  



Disk Name General Information
Blank Disk This is a blank 80 track, single-sided, single density disk in jv1 format. Use copies of this if you need a spare disk to copy programs or data to.