A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "EACA-Demo" disk

This disk contains the BASIC programs supplied on the EACA demo Cassette, which was sold with the machine in the UK.

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the DOS prompt
Biorhythms (bio/bas) Check your mood for the next few days basic run "bio/bas"
Graphics (graphics/bas) EACA Video Genie Logo Screen Saver basic run "graphics/bas"
Statistics (stats/bas) Make a bar graph basic run "stats/bas"
Cost Analysis (cost/bas) Just what it says basic run "cost/bas"
Star War (starwar/bas) More Star Trek-type adventures basic run "starwar/bas"

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