A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "Favourite Games 3" disk

This disk is 3 of 3 containing my favourite games. For most, instructions are in the game or can be learned with a bit of experimentation.

Name and filename
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Lunar Lander (lander/cmd) You think Neil Armstrong had it easy? See how you go! lander
Eliminator (eliminat/cmd) Shoot ships - Fast and furious in a horizontal-scroll world. eliminat
Savage Island (adv/cmd) Part one of this intriguing adventure game. adv/cmd, then select "A" as the game you want.
Killer Gorilla (gorilla/cmd) Donkey-Kong clone. gorilla
Rearguard (rearguar/cmd) Protect your back from enemy ships. Kind of like space-invaders in a horizontal scroll. rearguar
Robot Attack (robot/cmd) Seek and destroy the maurading robots. robot

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