A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on the Word Processing disk

This disk contains a couple of programs. The "Lazywriter" suite, Tandy's Scripsit, Electric Pencil and Microsoft's typing Tutor. Scripsit was the very first word processor I used when I had a cassette-based system. I also used a patched version with the Exatron Stringy Floppy.

Lazywrite delivered the goods when I used with my disk-based System 80, and served me right up until I bought my first PC-XT clone in 1987.

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the dos prompt
Lazywriter v 3.4a (l/cmd)
Auxiliary files include... dummyfl, edit/cmd, ft, help, lpnt/cmd, m/clw, p1/cmd, u/clw, x1, dir/cmd
Extensions include... Lazycalc/clw, Lazydo/cmd, Lazydraw/cmd
A fully featured word processor. This is about as good as they got for the TRS-80 line of machines.
From Alphabit Communications, (1983?)
Note: Manual is version 3.5
Scripsit v 1.0 (scripsit/lc) Tandy's Word Processor and the first one available on the TRS-80, Model 1. The original program came with an audio training package.
I've included a reference sheet, linked to the title opposite.
Electric Pencil v 1.0 The original Electric Pencil by Michael Shrayer (1979). This early version was very simple, with about the same functionality of Scripsit v 1.0. pencil/cmd
Typing Tutor (tutor/bas) Microsoft's Typing Tutor (1979). A program that teaches you how to touch type. I wish I'd persisted with it! basic run"tutor/bas"

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