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These visitor entries were written between 9th July 2008 and 18th April 2014.
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Friday, 18. June 2010 13:01 Host: Send E-mail

Thanks for the System 80 material. Its like being a kid again! Now if only I didn't get a bandwidth exceeded message when trying to download the Hellfire Warrior manual.

Terry Stewart:
Yea, sorry about that. My 25 GB/month allocation seems to get eaten up very quickly! I suspect it's a bot. I'll have to investigate.
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Logan Loye  
BHB Auckland
Sunday, 23. May 2010 14:30 IP: Send E-mail

Such a wicked website, its good to see fellow kiwis rebuilding old machines.

Although i wasent around in the 80s it is still danm interesting (Mind the pun)

keep up the awesume work bro.
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David Alexander  
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sunday, 11. April 2010 07:34 IP: Send E-mail

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Your site is a work of art that reflects the effort. Thanks!
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Ruby Land  
Friday, 9. April 2010 15:03 Host: Send E-mail

Very interesting site, glad I stumbled on it. I'll be back
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Sydney, Australia
Saturday, 27. March 2010 23:44 Host:

A great site. In the same year I began high school, so did my computer programming learning begin. Self taught myself Z80 assembler, became familiar with the -80 memory map etc. imported an Alpha stick 80 and had fun with all the programs of the day.
The knowledge I got from those early systems was priceless and set me up for a degree and career in information systems and related dispiplines. Z80 machine code skills made it easy to translate skills to later processors and PIC chips etc.

Great site. It has been 6 months since I checked in. Appreciate that you are still developing it. It is getting better and better!

Thanks Dave,

That kind of feedback gives me the motivation to keep extending the site.
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New Zealand
Thursday, 18. March 2010 20:16 IP: Send E-mail

What a great trip down memory lane - thanks for putting the site together. Loved it.

Terry Stewart:
Thanks Andrew, glad you enjoyed it!
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Geoff Gunn  
Sunday, 14. February 2010 23:33 Host:

Thanks for such a great site. Helped me revive a Blue Label System 80 that I have installed a 64K upgrade on.
Again, thanks for the great site. This computer was my first and meant a lot to me. Spent many a night playing games and writing programs on it. I have many good memories about it.

Cheers, Geoff

Terry Stewart:
I'm glad the site was of use Geoff. Thanks for leaving a message.
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Canton, Ohio
Thursday, 7. January 2010 15:41 Host: Send E-mail

What a great web site, I enjoyed the evening looking through the collection and all the reading there is about these wonderful old computers.
Keep up the great work!!!

Terry Stewart:
Thanks Dan,
It's good to keep the memories of them alive!
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Merv Commons  
Canberra, Australia
Monday, 4. January 2010 01:30 Host: Send E-mail

I belong to a club called Canberra Micro-80 Inc. We have been going 30 years 2010.
I have copies of all our news letters in PDF format from TRS-80 the System-80 and the IBM's.
I also had most of the Magazinrs you mentioned.
I will get back to you soon.

Merv Commons CYA

Terry Stewart:
Thanks for calling in Merv!
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Richard Ethridge  
Omaha, Nebraska USA
Friday, 1. January 2010 10:13 Host: Send E-mail

You have a very nice web site for vintage computers. I have a number of them and enjoy using them including my TRS-80 Model I.

Terry Stewart:
Thanks. The Model 1 will always be a favourite of mine as my first computer was the System 80, a Model 1 clone.
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MarK Tracy  
Sunday, 13. December 2009 08:14 Host: Send E-mail

I worked on the design team and have seveal of the crude SLT mock-ups, and then some more advanced pre-prod unit...

Terry Stewart:
It's a lovely machine Mark and one of the favourites in my collection.
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Marcus von Cube  
Wehrheim, Germany
Saturday, 12. December 2009 11:31 Host: Send E-mail

Hi Terry,

I'm pleased to see such a nice collection of infos about my very first computer, the Video Genie I from TCS. I still have mine (heavily modified and supposedly in non working order).

You mention the Genie III and IIIs. Since I was working on GDOS extensions for TCS, I do have both. The disk controller on my III has failed, but the IIIs is still working. I only need a reliable link to my PC to save all my disks (with original source code for what TCS was delivering.)


Good luck with the project Marcus.
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Keith Harvey  
Barre, Vermont
Thursday, 19. November 2009 10:24 Host: Send E-mail

Dear Terry Stewart,

I'm getting a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 microcomputer for Christmas. I want to eventually increase the internal RAM memory size of the Model 1 keyboard from 4K to 48 or 64K, whichever is possible.

Could you please send me some regular Radio Shack Model 1 type cassette data tapes with software programs, arcade and applications, on them to me at 1 Wilson Street, Barre Town, Vermont 05641. Thank you.

Terry Stewart:
Hi Keith,

Congratulations on your Model 1. It’s a great classic machine.

Sorry, I won’t post software out. However, if you go to the software stable --> cassette images part of the System 80 site you’ll find some cassette images and links to a program which will let you make real tapes from those images.

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Albany Georgia USA
Sunday, 1. November 2009 06:46 Host: Send E-mail

I have a Commodore SX64 that has never been out of the box and was wondering how much it is worth?
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Sunday, 20. September 2009 11:06 Host: Send E-mail

Your site is an invaluable resource for TRS-80 enthusiasts in the USA as well!

I did notice one game manual URL glitch -- the Spook House/Toxic Dumpsite file does not seem to be available at the URL listed.

I tried replacing the ampersand character with the URL code and the word "and" but to no avail.

Any clarification would be much appreciated, at your convenience, of course.

Thanks again for preserving so much valuable history.

Thanks for those kind words.

Broken links now fixed.
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Ken Page  
Ipswich / Qld / Australia
Tuesday, 15. September 2009 05:50 Host: Send E-mail

>> Murray Owen << What was the BBS software you used to run on your System 80.? And is it still available for download somewhere? Please contact us!

Ken - vk4akp
Sj of the RCC
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Ken Page  
Ipswich / Qld / Australia
Tuesday, 15. September 2009 05:23 Host: Send E-mail

Thank you so much for this site and all the wonderful software & manuals etc to download!. Our Retro Computing Group is trying very hard to get a System 80 for it's collection and displays. If anyone can help, please contact us! WE already have the X4010 expansion unit but need a System 80 and wonder also about compatible disk drives that we could use? ~From the past into the Future! The RCC, Retro Computing Cult !!! :) .-.-.
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Murray Owen  
Papamoa, New Zealand
Thursday, 10. September 2009 16:09 Host:

System 80 modifications. Yes, I can confirm that that the internal expansion boards for the System 80 did have a printer port. I built and installed the expansion boards in my system 80 (which I still have). Used to run a BBS system on it in the early days of Bulletin boards when I lived in Auckland.

Terry Stewart:
Cool. Any pictures?

Murray, I'd like to know more about these for the website. Can you drop me an email.
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Wednesday, 2. September 2009 20:12 IP:

Absolutely love your site

Thanks for the compliment Andrew!
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Siem Appelman  
The Netherlands
Thursday, 27. August 2009 01:08 IP: 82-217-45-12.cable.quicknet.nlSend E-mail

Very nice and interesting site !
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